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  • Luis Quintanilla. Ruins, 1943
    April 26 - October 3, 2016

    Closed Field. Spanish Art 1939–1953 (08/02/2016)

    Sabatini Building, Floor 3
    The Museum Exhibitions

    Campo Cerrado (Closed Field), which takes its title from an eponymous novel by Max Aub, is a review of Spanish art during the complex 1940s, a period that has received scant attention. Despite their importance for the formation of modern sensibility in Spain, these years remain in a critical and historiographic vacuum. (Read more)

  • Ulises Carrión in the performance Spanish Pieces, Zona, Florence, 1979
    March 15 - October 10, 2016

    Ulises Carrión. Dear reader. Don’t read (08/02/2016)

    Sabatini Building, Floor 3
    The Museum Exhibitions

    The retrospective devoted to Ulises Carrión (1941, San Andrés Tuxtla, Veracruz, Mexico – 1989, Amsterdam, Netherlands) explores the various aspects of a many-sided artistic and intellectual oeuvre, from the artist's beginnings as a successful and respected young writer in Mexico to his periods in France, Germany and England (1964-1972), when he sharpened his determination to innovate language, and finally to Amsterdam, where he settled definitively and became involved in a wide range of artistic and literary activities. (Read more)

  • Rémy Zaugg. About Death II 3, 1998-2002 / 2005
    March 31 - August 28, 2016

    Rémy Zaugg. Questions of Perception (08/02/2016)

    Palacio de Velázquez. Parque del Retiro
    The Museum Exhibitions

    Under the title Questions of Perception, the Palacio de Velázquez is hosting the first monographic exhibition in Spain on the Swiss artist Rémy Zaugg (Courgenay, 1943 – Basle, 2005). The show includes a selection of paintings and work on paper, with the accent placed on the exploration of language and perception as a means of activating the viewer. (Read more)

  • Wifredo Lam. Nativité, 1947
    April 5 - August 15, 2016

    Wifredo Lam (08/02/2016)

    Sabatini Building, Floor 1
    The Museum Exhibitions

    The retrospective on the Cuban painter Wifredo Lam (Sagua La Grande, 1902 – Paris, 1982) responds to a general desire to give an account of modernism in all its complexity, and aims to reinstate Lam's work in an international art history of which he is an essential player. The exhibition not only returns to the genesis of his work but also surveys the various phases and the conditions of the progressive reception and integration of an oeuvre patiently built up between Spain, Paris and Marseilles, and Cuba. (Read more)

  • Txomin Badiola. Rêve sans fin (Endless dream), 2005
    September, 22, 2016 – February, 26, 2017

    Txomin Badiola (09/02/2016)

    Palacio de Cristal, Parque del Retiro
    The Museum Exhibitions

    Next autumn, the artist Txomin Badiola (Bilbao, 1957) will be the subject of a wide-ranging retrospective at the Palacio de Velázquez. It will include a selection of his production of photographic works, drawings, sculptures and multimedia installations from the 1980s to the present day. (Read more)

  • Marcel Broodthaers. Tableau et tabouret avec oeufs (Picture and stool with eggs). 1966
    October , 4, 2016 – January, 9, 2017

    Marcel Broodthaers. A retrospective (09/02/2016)

    Sabatini Building, Floor 1
    The Museum Exhibitions

    The Museo Reina Sofía and the Museum of Modern Art in New York are jointly organizing a retrospective that will be one of the fullest yet dedicated to Marcel Broodthaers (Belgium, 1924 – Germany, 1976). Through a selection of works representative of his artistic practice, the show will explore the multiple facets developed by the artist throughout his life. His extraordinary production during the transformational decades of the 1960s and 1970s established him as one of the most important artists on the international scene, with an influence that continues today. (Read more)

  • Waiting Room I, The Queue Continues,1956. Andrzej Wróblewski
    November 17, 2015 – February 28, 2016

    Andrzej Wróblewski. Recto / Verso (08/02/2016)

    Palacio de Velázquez. Parque del Retiro
    The Museum Exhibitions

    The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía presents the exhibition Andrzej Wróblewski: Recto / Verso, focused on Andrzej Wróblewski (1927-1957), one of the most important Polish artists of the 20th century. This will be the largest Wróblewski retrospective outside of Poland.

    Wróblewski was a creator of formal experiments on the border of abstraction and figuration, an artist manifesting an unusually suggestive vision of war and human degradation, based on deep political commitments. His rich, diverse body of work was created over a very brief period (less than ten years), during a distinctly turbulent era. (Read more)

  • Constant.New Babylon / The Hague, 1964
    October 20, 2015 – February 29, 2016

    Constant. New Babylon (08/02/2016)

    Sabatini Building. Floor 1
    The Museum Exhibitions

    The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía present an exhibition dedicated to the figure of the Dutch artist Constant (Constant Anton Nieuwenhys, Amsterdam, 1920 – Utrecht, 2005). Under the title of New Babylon, the show focuses above all on the artist's most emblematic project, his concept of the city of the future. For nearly twenty years (1956-1974), Constant made models, paintings, drawings and collages that showed his idea of the planning of this new city, a large and complex labyrinth that transformed the world into a single network. The land would be collectively owned, work would be automated and carried out by robots, and people would be free to devote their time to creative play. (Read more)

  • Marc Chagall. Self-Portrait, 1914.
    March 18 - September 14, 2015

    Collectionism and Modernity.Two Case Studies: The Im Obersteg and Rudolf Staechelin Collections (16/03/2015)

    Sabatini Building, Floor 4

    This exhibition brings together two leading collections of early modernist art that now form part of the holdings of the Kunstmuseum Basel (Basel, Switzerland), the Im Obersteg Collection and the Rudolf Staechelin Collection, offering an opportunity to enjoy works by the most reputed early modernist masters, the vast majority of which have never before been seen in Spain.

    This is the first time these collections have been shown together outside Basle.The 62 paintings, which will be exhibited on the fourth floor of the Sabatini Building, will offer a unique opportunity to see acknowledged masterpieces in Madrid that have never before been shown in Spain. They include works by Gauguin, Van Gogh, Renoir, Redon, Pissarro, Picasso, Manet, Modigliani, Monet, Cézanne, Chagall, Soutine, Jawlensky and Hodler.

  • Room view
    27 November 2014 - 12 April 2015

    Luciano Fabro (27/11/2014)

    Palacio de Velázquez

    The work of Luciano Fabro (Turin, 1936-Milan, 2007) expands the expressive possibilities of sculpture in the second half of the 20th century. His art associates the use of simple and common materials that redefine the nature of the object and its space with a constant poetic reflection on the practice of sculpture, evident in the numerous texts in which the artist has always related thought with experimentation in new practices.

    This anthological exhibition, the first to be held since the artist's death, gathers a constellation of works that are fundamental for an understanding of the singularity of Fabro's oeuvre and features over 60 artworks from diverse private collections and international public institutions.

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