Enlace-14. El arte que viene / The Art to Come

27 may, 2002
Sabatini Building, Auditorium
Paco Barragán

El arte que viene / The Art to Come is a video programme about the new avenues in audiovisual art aimed at both experts and laypeople in the field. The programme gives both groups a reason to delve further into the fascinating world of art through a kind of visual journey that illustrates a broad range of different styles, techniques and materials with which artists are experimenting, and to explore an unanticipated sampling of the very newest art to come, which for the most part still lacks international visibility. The selection focuses on some very young artists such as Lise Haller Baggesen (Aarhus, 1969), Miguel Aguirre, Omar & Duvier (Havana, 1976), Sandra Ramos (Havana, 1969) and Simon Tegala (London, 1973) as well as other somewhat older artists whose work has yet to achieve the visibility it deserves, such as Chus García (Madrid, 1965), Rosemary Laing (Brisbane, 1959), Elvis López (Aruba, 1956), Monika Bravo (Bogota, 1964), Keiko Sato (Iwaki, 1957), Xawery Wolski (1960, Warsaw) and Ah Xian (1960, Beijing).

As a reflection of the desire to modify hegemonic approaches to art, El arte que viene / The Art to Come represents a sincere attempt to offer a platform to these artists, who in many cases come from countries that do not have easy access to the so-called mainstream.