Gestural Apparatuses and Echoic Landscapes

A Workshop Conducted by Luis Guerra

Monday, 15 February 2021 - 5pm
Sabatini Building, Workshops
10 people

3 hours

Organised by
Museo Reina Sofía
Forms of Making, the Making of Forms
Luis Guerra, Body, 2020
Luis Guerra, Body, 2020

“Opportunity makes the thief” the French pedagogue and writer Fernand Deligny (1913–1996) would often repeat to highlight the need to incorporate imagination into creating spaces of radical emancipation, allowing us to stay “outside institutions of discipline”. Deligny’s phrase picks up on the radicalness of his gestural philosophy.

Gestural Apparatuses and Echoic Landscapes is a workshop which approaches the revolt of the “singular guerrilla” composed in Fernand Deligny’s endeavours in Cévennes National Park, France, between 1969 and 1996.   

By way of a workshop of maps and wanderings, this activity sets out to experiment with two forms of materials from this praxis. Participants are invited to configure, design and collectively organise gestural apparatuses that can eventually fashion echoic landscapes for a memory to come. The session is articulated around the handing-out of conceptual maps and artistic, political and historical references, allowing us to set in motion this philosophy of hand movements, balancing, wandering, leaping, humming, whistling and tracing, lines of drift and encounters of writing-inscribing on the body in order for it to be read, following the premises of French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy.  

The workshop will be conducted by artist and researcher Luis Guerra and is the first encounter in Forms of Making, the Making of Forms, a programme which pivots on methodologies, modes of doing, and the tools and techniques in artistic practices and is held bimonthly in the Museo Reina Sofía.     

Luis Guerra (Santiago de Chile, 1974) is a visual artist and teacher with a PhD in Philosophy. He lives and works in Barcelona. Currently, he is a professor of Aesthetics at the BAU-Design College of Barcelona, affiliated with the University of Vic, and is also a guest lecturer on the MA in Contemporary Thought and Classical Tradition of the Philosophy Department from the University of Barcelona, and a research fellow at the Centre for Artistic Research from the University of the Arts Helsinki 

In 2017, he published De la inexistencia del arte (Brumaria) and in 2021 is due to publish his essays Wandering Echoes, handbook of operative losses (Errant Bodies Publisher) and Gestural Apparatuses for a collective memory to come (Kuva Academy of Fine Art-Uniarts Publisher). His work as a visual artist has been shown in a wide range of countries, and in 2020 his artistic research work was supported by the Finnish institutions The Saastamoinen Foundation and The Kone Foundation.