Situated Voices 6

The Feminist Tide. Articulating Feminist Resistance in the Face of Global Violence

Wednesday, 20 February 2019 - 7pm
Entrada gratuita hasta completar aforo
Nouvel Building, Protocol Room
Organized by
Fundación de los Comunes and Museo Reina Sofía
Situated Voices
Ni Una Menos. Vivas y libres nos queremos [Not One Less. We Want Us All Alive], 2018. Photo: Ximena Talento
Ni Una Menos. Vivas y libres nos queremos [Not One Less. We Want Us All Alive], 2018. Photo: Ximena Talento

The struggles in different corners of the planet with feminisms at the forefront go beyond traditional categories in readings of social movements. Putting into practice ‘the personal is political’ and reshaping our understanding of the political, the feminist tide pulses and proliferates on a global scale with its persistent iterations and capillary potential for dissemination and influence.

Two years after the first international women’s strike, in which people, collectives and women’s, lesbian and trans* organisations participated from over fifty countries, this sixth edition of Situated Voices sets forth an exchange of experiences and processes linked to feminist platforms and collectives from different places, aiming to entwine their paths and reflections in the local context of Madrid. Some of the questions posed by this encounter include: How do we identify and make visible the relationships between the different forms of violence women’s bodies suffer? Is it possible to knit together a network of feminist alliances that do not break up the processes of subjectivation that turn feminism into a diverse ‘new International’? What ties exist between the contemporary exploitation of bodies and the exploitation of resources and territories? How can these fragile, feminised, racialised, sexualised… bodies be organised to propose a model of resistance to the attacks of fascism and neoliberal exploitation?

This activity stems from a collaboration between the Museo Reina Sofía and the Commons Foundation and is part of the series Situated Voices, which sets out de-hierarchised spaces of questioning and reflection with which, through situated experiences, to generate collective knowledge connected with debates on the present.

Situated Voices 6. The Feminist Tide is dedicated to Marielle Franco, the sociologist, feminist, human rights activist, and Brazilian politician who was murdered on 14 March 2018.


Halima Benaoui  is a feminist activist and member of the Federation of Women's Rights Leagues, Morocco

Lucía Cavallero is a sociologist, researcher and member of Ni una menos, Argentina.

Pastora Filigrana is a human rights lawyer and activist and part of Red Antidiscriminatoria Gitana (RAG) Rromani Pativ, Spain.

Verónica Gago is a researcher, teacher and editor. She is a member of Ni Una Menos, Argentina, and the militant research collective Situaciones.

Tatiana Montella is an anti-racism lawyer and a member of Non una di meno, Italy.

Accompany by

Sara Buraya, Museo Reina Sofía, Julia Santos, 8M Feminist Commission of Madrid; and Lotta Tenhunen, Fundación de los Comunes.