TIZ 6. Planet A: Green World

October 2022 - April 2023
Alan Sekula, Volunteer on the edge (Islas Cíes, 12/20/02), 2002. Museo Reina Sofía
Alan Sekula, Volunteer on the edge (Islas Cíes, 12/20/02), 2002. Museo Reina Sofía

Do we unhurriedly turn a blind eye even when the consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly more apparent? The disappearance of major ecosystems, the most dramatic environmental changes and the depletion of fossil fuels condemn the current economic model to collapse. Yet, opposite this all-encompassing apocalyptic landscape stands the possibility of collectively rethinking the future. This entails new ways of relating to others, to time, to death, and to art; that is, new definitions of the human and other forms of life that go beyond the logics of extraction and waste. Thus, twenty years on from the sinking of the Prestige, this Temporary Intensity Zone calls upon the collective potential of a self-organised citizenry facing the life-threatening side of environmental disaster. Yet how is a (social) climate organised? The imaginative, documentary, emancipatory, communicative and historical possibilities of artistic forms are not only vital tools when it comes to building this new future ecology. Today, they are materially inseparable from their nature and are no longer a counter-shape of art but rather the political matter of common work to reproduce life.





Actividad pasada Together and Rising Up