TIZ 7. Healing Institutions

December 2022 - March 2023
Victor Brauner, Paisaje surrealista (Surrealist Landscape), 1930. Museo Reina Sofía
Victor Brauner, Paisaje surrealista (Surrealist Landscape), 1930. Museo Reina Sofía

All institutions declare the benevolence of their origins: to satisfy a need, to fulfil a just aspiration. Thus, every institution oscillates between need and utopia, forming a complex network of practices and mediums, possibilities and interests, where errors, deviations and perversions are also manifested. Paradoxically, only in this anomalous space can the institution be truly inhabited. Only from inside this mesh can it name a beyond and permeate its limits in the drift towards an extraneous space, towards an exteriority where the institution, which is realised as it dissolves, is no longer able to truly fulfil the destiny to which it supposedly aspires. It is from these premises that ideas reverberate to foster the institutional health set in motion by exiled psychiatrist Francesc Tosquelles. Since December 2022, via the programme Perturbable School II, seminars on political violence and institutions, the work of Margarita Azurdia, and other situated voices, this Temporary Intensity Zone raises questions around the illness and healing of the institutions that shape us and the bodies with which we traverse and make them.







Towards a Repolitisazion of Malaise
Interview with María Ruido, director of the film Estado de malestar

This podcast features an interview with researcher and visual artist María Ruido on her film Estado de malestar (State of Malaise, 2019), which centres on an analysis of malaise and illness stemming from capitalism in the Information Age. The film, structured around the voices of different activist groups in mental health and intellectuals, deals with themes that include overmedication and discourses on danger and security as mechanisms of silencing and maintaining the system of production. Estado de malestar is also part of the final chapter of the rehang of the Museo Reina Sofia Collection: Episode 8. Exodus and Communal Life (Sabatini Building, Floor 1).