Serie Suplemento (Sin título VII) (Supplement Series [Untitled VII])

Ángeles Marco

Valencia, Spain, 1947 - 2008
  • Date: 
  • Material: 
    Iron, rubber and glass
  • Technique: 
  • Dimensions: 
    110 x 135 x 13,5 cm
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  • Long-term loan Soledad Lorenzo Collection, 2014

This sculpture by Ángeles Marco is an example of some of the dilemmas to have characterised the history of contemporary sculpture across the second half of the twentieth century. The break-up of art genres lies in the suggestion of a two-dimensional relationship between the painting and its frame. Explorations of rubber and glass combined with iron – soft or fragile elements in contrast with the traditional durability and rigidness of sculptural materials — reflect the introduction of industrial or everyday materials into artworks. In Ángeles Marco’s work we can ascertain an awareness of new possibilities to redefine the sculptural object, underscored by the title of this series: Supplement.