Mapa Teatro is an artists’ laboratory founded in Paris in 1984 by Colombian visual artists and stage performers Heidi, Elizabeth and Rolf Abderhalden. Based out of Bogotá since 1986, it has become one of the most salient collectives in the Latin American art scene, its work developing in the sphere of “living arts”, a space which is conducive to breaching borders — geographical, linguistic, artistic — and staging the mise en scène of local and global questions through different devices and formats.

In this interview, the artists discuss different keys and strategies when approaching their artistic practice and the use of different media to make their works: theatre, video, installation, opera, radio, urban interventions, actions and performance lectures, among others. The Museo Reina Sofía Collection has acquired a number of their works in recent years, and this video explains how such pieces articulate myth and history and the way in which notions of archive and testimony serve as a point of departure to build fictions.

Financiado por la Unión Europea

Mapa Teatro

Laboratorio de artistas

8 november, 2022
Video The Collection