Since the mid-1960s, Marta Minujín (Buenos Aires, 1943) has been one of the most pre-eminent artists on the Buenos Aires scene, and with strong ties to the Instituto Di Tella, a cultural research centre where she carried out a number of high-profile happenings influenced by the theories of Marshall McLuhan. Previously, in 1961, Minujín spent time in Paris through her friendship with artist Alberto Greco, a huge influence on her. It was in the French capital that she came into contact with members of nouveau réalisme and the critic Pierre Restany, a milieu in which she carried out her first happening, La destrucción (1963), marking a turning point in her work: moving from Informalism to actions and intermediary experimentation. 

During the 1990s, historians, curators and institutions from around the world began to re-evaluate her practice, acknowledging her as a pioneer of performance internationally. In this video, through her works conserved in the Museo Reina Sofía Collection, Minujín looks back over her career, moving through cities such as Buenos Aires, Paris and New York.

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Marta Minujín


1 february, 2023
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