Information and Visitor Assistance


A team of professionals that provides personalised assistance and information to visitors on the content of programmed events (the Collection, temporary exhibitions and activities), as well as different services offered by the Museo, in at least two languages, Spanish and English.

  • Members from this team also:
  • Organise queuing
  • Provide floor plans to the Museo and orientation
  • Validate tickets purchased online
  • Welcome and identify groups with bookings
  • Welcome collectives with priority assistance
  • Facilitate wheelchair loans
  • Participate in the development of activities inside the Museo (seminars, conference, concerts, etc.)
  • Run the education desk (Sundays)
  • Provide accessibility leaflets requested beforehand at
  • Provide leaflets on visits for children + adults
  • Support assistants in the Museo with press and protocol events
  • Provide and collect forms for complaints, feedback and congratulations on the Museo


At the desks and information points located in:

  • The entrances to the Museo
  • Sabatini Building, Floor 2
  • The connection between buildings, Floor 1 (meeting point)
  • Palacio de Cristal
  • Palacio de Velázquez

How are members of this team identified?
  • They wear the letter “i” on their t-shirts
  • They are dressed in black



Information point. Floor 1, connection between buildings

Information point. Floor 2, Sabatini Building